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HP stories and art created by fans

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Harry Potter fanfics and fanart
This community was created by spidergirl30 and lillywmw for HP fans to share their writing and art about the Harry Potter Universe.

For information on how this community works, please read our Guidelines below.

If you have any doubt, suggestions or other more specific comments, feel free to PM the Mods:

Or feel free to email the community :


We are proud to be affiliated with the community rwhg_ldws! :)


1) the_hp_love is a Ron and Hermione fanfiction and fanart archive. We welcome other HP Universe canon-friendly ships and Gen stories/drawings, except slash stories/drawings, and where R/Hr is contradicted. Stories featuring teacher/student pairings, incest pairings, and necrophilia or bestiality are NOT acceptable. Stories/drawings submitted to the archive must take prior canon into consideration. However, AU stories may be accepted if they have a reason for creating an alternative universe. That is to say, your story does not necessarily have to be what we as Mods believe JKR would write next, but it should be evident from your own writing/art that the scenario you are writing/drawing about could grow from canon.

2) the_hp_love hosts stories/drawings with ratings from G to NC-17. The fics/drawings must be posted under a LJ cut. The NC-17 fics/drawings must be posted as a protected post (friends-only security). Only readers who are older than 17 years old will be added as a member of this community, therefore having access to adult content.

The moderators may change a rating on any story/drawing at any time, if deemed necessary.

3) All story submissions must be no less than 100 words and must be posted as far as possible without any grammar and spelling errors. This policy applies to all one-shots and each chapter of a multi-chapter story.

English is not the Mods’ first language, so we can´t act as a beta, hence we ask for help from our friends when posting a story. We recommend that everyone asks a friend to look over their work before posting.

Please respect this guideline because it is nicer for everyone to read a story without errors.

4) Please be respectful when leaving a comment for a story/drawing. Flames aren´t criticism and only they only serve to make the writer/artist feel upset. Flames do not help them improve their writing/drawings.


The characters and situations of Harry Potter depicted on this journal are the legal property of J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury, and AOL Time Warner, and have been used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

No profit is being made off this journal and it is for entertainment purposes only.

Join us, and have fun!


Spidey and Lilly


The community´s layout is made from art by lillywmw, based on spidergirl30's story Believing. :)

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